Welcome to MOOgle Vermont!

Let us help you discover Vermont in a new, exciting way! Yes, Vermont is skiing/snowboarding, maple syrup, Ben & Jerry’s and beautiful foliage, but there’s a lot more to Vermont.

Are you a Vermonter? bet you don’t know about all the cool stuff that’s going on in our state right now.
Thinking of moving to Vermont? let us help you see all the cool stuff you’re going to be a part of when you get here.
Want to visit Vermont? we’ll give you even more reasons to spent your free time with us.

We’ve also got:

  • booming high-tech scene
  • vibrant arts community
  • award winning artisanal cheeses
  • breweries galore
  • lots of cool startups
  • awesome gins, whiskies and vodkas

Take a look. You just might be surprised what’s really going on in Vermont these days.

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