seven days: survival guide

seven days: your burlington survival guide

seven days. vermont’s independent voice.

hands down THE best newspaper in burlington for the arts, music, theatre, design as well as great articles about local people, businesses and issues.

whether or not you live in vermont or are just visiting, seven days is your survival guide.

best part is…it’s FREE!

it comes out once a week, grab your copy at many local shops and stores throughout burlington  and beyond. their website is also packed with info and you can sign up for one of their newsletters.

to get to know burlington, you need seven days. also look for their “What’s Good” off campus guide for students – this is just packed with great info, even for the veteran, older vermonter.

Don’t forget to grab their free restaurant guide 7 nights is the best restaurant guide for all of vermont.

read their story – it’s a story of perseverance competing with one of the biggest names in news and they made it….the vermont way!

oh..and…even the ads are great!

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