fat toad farm

Fat Toad Farm

fat toad farm.

“a family-run goat dairy in central vermont.”

love their name. love the toad. love their cheeses.

our favorite is the maple chevre. delicious. how much more vermont can you get? vermont goats living and breathing vermont air. add some vermont maple syrup et volia..deliciousness.

they have some amazing other products as well (goat’s milk carmel? yum!). can’t find them at your local store? check out this list AND (according to their site) you can even buy them at Williams & Sonoma (ok, how cool is that? fat toad farm is nationwide!).

p.s. they even got a mention on the today show summer 2011!

  1. Thanks for finally writing about >fat toad farm | MOOglevermont <Liked it!

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