The Wallet Pen

The Wallet Pen - sterling silver pen handmade in charlotte, vermont

The Wallet Pen

Simple. Classic. Sterling silver. Handmade in Vermont.

These must-have little treasures are all handmade by Tom O’Brien in Charlotte, Vermont. The perfect size, The Wallet Pen is something everyone needs – even in today’s world of high tech everything – there is always a need for a pen – maybe it’s to create a to do list, to jot down a new idea, write a postcard, a love letter or even a note.

The Wallet Pen has had favorable mentions in The New Yorker, The Daily Grommet, Yankee Magazine, Andrew Tobias and it’s also one of Oprah’s Favorite Things!

Also make sure you check out Tom’s new creations:

Zoomee Salt and Peppers Zoomee Salt & Peppers and The Rocket SpiceMill™  Cherry Maple Rockets

All great gift ideas!

Buy one today at

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