salvage secrets

salvage secrets - transforming reclaimed materials into design concepts
transforming reclaimed materials into design concepts
photographs by susan teare
ever wondered where people get the ideas to take something reclaimed (old/used) and make it into something new? you often hear of people who find an old board, antique lighting fixture or some old glass and work it into their design to create wonderful new living spaces. but how did they do it? where did they start? where did they get the ideas? not to mention we are also in a world of going green where reuse, reduce and recycle are becoming words to live by.
joanne has a great eye for finding that perfect reclaimed material or item and design creativity to turn anything into something new. add susan’s eye for capturing these beautiful design concepts in crisp, clean photos and you’ll wish you lived in a house full of “salvage secrets”. filled with ideas, images and resources that bring reclaimed materials to life, this book is the foundation you’ll need to do some ‘transforming’ and creative integration of old into new in your own home.
salvage secrets is not only a must for anyone thinking of building or renovating in any style, it would also look great on your coffee table and spark many an idea and inspiration for anyone who sees it.
and if you don’t believe us – take a look at these reviews (scroll a little – they’re worth reading!) and check out the salvage secrets blog.
oh and in case you were wondering – yes, both joanne and susan are vermonters!

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