laughing moon chocolates

laughing moon chocolates handmade and dipped in stowe vermont

laughing moon chocolates
handmade chocolates

these are some seriously good chocolates. handmade, hand-dipped, once you try one of these chocolates you’ll want to try them all. let them know which one is your favorite!

with an extensive product line from truffles to turtles, clusters to caramels and butter creams to bars there is something for everyone at any time:

butter creams
cheese truffles
chocolate caramel apples
cookies (chocolate covered, of course)
salted caramels
signature chocolate bars*

we love laughing moon, not only because their name makes us smile or because their chocolates are delicious but because they are socially responsible and doing their part to source everything local. as members of the vermont fresh network, they have an impressive list of local vermont products used in their chocolates. they have thought about their packaging – and have made most of it compostable including their clear cellophane bags. we love that.

laughing moon also has creative feel good chocolate options too! they market gift boxes and bars such as like water for chocolate and waterbury chocolate where part of the proceeds are going to great causes they believe in.

best part is that they are located right in stowe village and you can visit and watch their free chocolate dipping demo daily at 2pm and even join a workshop. Here’s a fun video on how they make candy canes. AND you can order all their chocolates online too.

*chocolate bar flavors include: dark, milk, white, chipotle cinnamon, espresso, dark with peppermint, dark with cardamom, dark with sea salt & black pepper, dark with wasabi and ginger and dark with hot smoked paprika.

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