the clothes exchange

the clothes exchange
vermont’s social enterprise dedicated to eco-friendly fashion
turning clothing into cash for community benefit

the clothes exchange collects “gently used apparel from the closets of well-dressed women” as well as donated new clothing from a variety of different stores, wholesalers, designers to create pop-up shops selling it all at bargain prices! it doesn’t end there – the proceeds then get donated to local non-profits. how great is that?

from donating clothing to buying it to donating the proceeds, the clothes exchange is an innovative social enterprise that promotes and supports recycling, our community, our planet and local non-profits.

originally started as a grass roots effort between friends swapping clothes and raising money for local non-profits, today, in it’s eleventh year, the clothes exchange offers all vermonters the opportunity to participate. you can:

the clothes exchange is such a win-win-feel-good organization that you wonder (a) why it hasn’t always existed and (b) why every state doesn’t have their own clothes exchange.

so far they have raised over $280,000 that has been donated to more than 10 organizations in chittenden county.

clean your closet for a cause and find where you can donate your clothes today!

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