red kite candy

red kite candy
handcrafted varieties of caramels, toffees and nougats*

when they say they are made in vermont, they aren’t kidding around. most of the ingredients that goes into this candy are also made in vermont – from the 100% organic milk & cream, to the award-winning maple syrup and honey, to the european-style cultured butter. yum!

they make milk and dark chocolate toffee as well as these caramels  – original, maple, chai, sea salt, pecan. and all can be bought directly on their site or at one of these many stores around new england and beyond.

wcax in burlington did a great story on red kite candy and you can see how it’s made!

here’s our favorite quote from their site that says it only about red kite candy as a company as well as vermont:

“we are part of a network of local farmers, artisans and craftspeople that care deeply about what we do.  The results show in the “no compromise” products we craft.”

they make great gifts – next time you’re having company or visiting a friend – grab some red kit candy!

coming soon: wedding favors.

* nougats will be back in the fall.

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