vermont fresh network

vermont fresh network
promoting farm and chef partnerships

the vermont fresh network has a vision “to build a flourishing vermont food and farm economy”. all vermonters and visitors to vermont benefit from our farmers and chefs creating direct partnerships so we can all enjoy great local vermont food while eating at any VFN member restaurant.

by connecting chefs of vermont restaurants to local farms the benefits are much greater than just enjoying that amazing local food, the vermont fresh network is also helping to:

  • build partnerships between farms, food producers and restaurants in vermont
  • strengthen the local economies of members
  • connect communities through the relationships of members
  • maintain vermont’s agricultural heritage
  • promote vermont’s farm economy
  • support our farms
  • create local jobs
  • keep our farmers farming which means open fields and beautiful views
  • keep vermont’s carbon footprint down
  • have us all eat more local foods
  • educate vermonters and tourists on the importance of eating local
  • keep vermont GREEN

the vermont fresh network offers an innovative approach to solving so many of the issues we are facing today in our food industry. learn more about VFN or get to know a farmer – don’t you like to know where your food comes from?

it should also be noted that VFN was started in 1985 and was the first statewide nonprofit organization focused solely on building relationships between farms and chefs.

so the next time you’re going out to dinner in vermont, check out the VFN member list or look for the VFN logo at member restaurants to support our local vermont food and agricultural economy!

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