a live music search engine

still in beta, this is a cool new site and mobile app that ranks your local music shows. if you love live music –  then this is for you. it’s a centralized place for the live music scene in your area.

bands can:

  • centralize their show listings
  • expand their fan base
  • stream their music
  • connect with fans

venues can:

  • get shows noticed
  • let shows where the music is playing
  • find bands that pack their place

fans can:

  • learn where the next great show is
  • find new bands to follow
  • listen to the music before going to s show

streaming, voting, and centralized listings make it easier than ever to discover new artists, follow old favorites, or find tonight’s show – all on gigsmash!

check it out today and find out what’s playing this week – yes, including burlington. it’s FREE and you never know what new bands you might discover!

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