two guys in vermont

two guys in vermont
all natural, no artificial anything, nothing ordinary, delicious foods!

two guys in vermont make the best soup around! their soups are:

  • all natural
  • plant based
  • cooked in small batches
  • made with ingredients from local farms
  • have no artificial anything
  • packaged in glass jars (i.e. no BPA’s)

as of now they have the following soups:

these are soups that you want to make but never have the time. don’t bother.  stock up on two guys in vermont and you’ll always have all-natural-tastes-like-homemade-soup-because-it-IS in your kitchen at all times.

buy these great soups online or at any of these locations.

and..if you love their soups and want more, consider donating to their new crowdfunding campaign – they need your help to bring you more of their great soups.

come on – you know you want to help these two guys!

p.s. guess how many pounds of regional fresh farm foods they have bought so far? answer here

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