invisible underwear & legwear loved by celebrities, fashion editors and hip chicks everywhere!

you know what going commando means, right? well this amazing line of underwear, legwear & anything you wear under your clothes makes you feel like you are going commando! no lines.

and it’s not just their underwear. look at this clever line of “accessories”:

you’re going to have to click on each to find out exactly what they each are and appreciate the packaging – it’s just so clever.

not only can you find commando’s in the finest stores worldwide including bergdorf goodman, neiman marcus, nordstrom and saks fifth avenue but also locally at expressions, bertha church, ecco in burlington and mendy’s in shelburne.

look at how much amazing press  they’ve gotten (@90 magazines and still counting). shows such as the view, today, nate berkus and donny’s deutsch’s the big idea have also featured commando. yes, commando’s kerry o’brien had a better way!

and the best, commando is made in the usa and based in south burlington, vermont

so go on, go commando!

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