i am vermont strong

i am vermont strong
a year ago today, irene, a category 1 hurricane hit vermont. irene cost the united states more than $65 billion and killed 67 people.

here in vermont, irene was mean:

  • worst flooding since 1927
  • >500 miles of state road damage
  • >2,000 municipal road segments damage
  • 100’s bridges were damaged or even completely destroyed
  • >100,000 power outages
  • >1,000 displaced households
  • 6 deaths
  • $733+ million in damages

to see more specific numbers related to irene click here. and to get a better understanding of how many roads were damaged and the repair work, look at this list of road closures and reopenings by date or for a visual approach – look at these maps of road closures throughout vermont.

within hours, the outpouring of community support was not only visible in communities throughout the state but also on the internet, especially on facebook. if you needed help or wanted to help – facebook or sites like #vtresponse were the places to go! as days turned to months vermonters and vermont companies did their part for irene too, such as:

one year out, vermont is still repairing, rebuilding and raising funds. recovery continues. if you haven’t already, why not buy a license plate?

irene was awful as she ravaged through our state (photos) . she was costly, very costly, but she did manage to bring vermonters together in a way we hadn’t seen before.

vermonters are strong.

yes, we are vermont strong.

sources: http://www.anr.state.vt.us/anr/climatechange/irenebythenumbers.html, http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/08/27/hurricane-irene-damage-statistics-2011_n_1832342.html,

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