localvore today

localvore today
save money. support vermont.

localvore today is new group buying website for vermonters. not only does localvore today feature the best vermont businesses and support the “buy local” initiative, they’re also located right here in vermont.

why localvore? let them explain. it’s worth reading.

you may already know how it all works, but just in case:

1. sign up & get an email every day* letting you know what’s on offer that day.
2. you want the offer? then place your order, sign in, create an account, enter your payment details & an email will be sent to you with your voucher details.

* weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and category exclusive options will be added.

bonus! “10 cents for 10 seconds”. for every subscriber, localvore today donates 10 cents to hunger free vermont. do you know these alarming vermont hunger facts?

localvore today is a win-win-win-win:

local customer
local merchant
local service
local community

sign up for localvore today today!

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