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Think you really know how to use Word? Not sure of all the useful tools in Excel? You probably don’t even realize that you could be much more productive if you knew how to use your software better. Log on to Learn can help you.

Log on to Learn offers computer instruction – the how to’s – for everything in Microsoft Office, Crystal Reports and the Adobe Creative suite… all online. You can rent tutorial videos for 30 days or pay for a monthly subscription for full access to their virtual learning library. You’ll have access to:

  • video tips
  • comprehensive video series
  • downloadable/printable step-by-step tutorials
  • printable reference guides
  • regularly scheduled live training events
  • community forums
  • quizzing and certification

Take a tour.

Not only will you learn how to use your software to its fullest potential you’ll increase your proficiency and office productivity.  It’s easy and right at your fingertips.

This Vermont start-up not only helps individuals but also businesses. Companies can have their own branded group page that can act as their training portal allowing employees to have access to their own internal training docs and videos as well as all Log on to Learn tutorial videos. With no set up fees, this is a win win for companies, paying only a monthly fee to give their employees access to so much learning to make them more productive.

Do you know how to create PivotCharts in Excel? Well, it’s time you Log on to Learn!

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