must read

the expeditioners and the treasure of drowned man’s canyon
by s.s. taylor

vermont is more than beautiful views and amazing startups. it’s also home to many authors!

sarah stewart taylor’s (writing as s. s. taylor)  new book “the expeditioners and the treasure of drowned man’s canyon” is being released this weekend.

set in the future, when there is no more internet, “the expeditioners” has everything a young adventure reader wants in a book:

  • maps
  • mystery
  • disappearances
  • secrets
  • fame
  • wild riches
  • smuggling
  • exploration
  • intrigue

just read chapter one and you’ll see – you’ll want to read what happens next.

“Full of kid power, clues, codes and maps, this will appeal to sophisticated readers who appreciate their adventure served with heaping helpings of cleverness.” -kirkus reviews

with wonderful illustrations by center for cartoon studies (which is in vermont, btw) graduate katherine roy, young readers will find her visual interpretation of the characters and scenes quite compelling.

sarah has a fun website too – readers can design their own maps of the world as well as their own explorers vests.

want a copy? order here or better yet, come meet sarah at these book signings this weekend:

check here for more events.

buy local. read local.

vermont – an explorer’s guide
by christina tree and rachel carter

whether you are visiting vermont or are lucky enough to live here, vermont – an explorer’s guide is for you. you’ll find all sorts of tips from where to stay & eat and what to see & do to a great a to z guide of  “what’s where in vermont”.

yes, we know you can find everything online these days. but the reality is it would take you thousands of searches to just get all the websites and it wouldn’t be all neatly organized in one place. use the book to let you explore a new area of vermont or discover hidden treasures about a place you thought you knew so well! you never know.

how about:

  • bushwhacking in mount snow region aka traveling through the woods exploring forested and mountainous land. pg 103
  • checking out the sweet winter cabins at merck forest & farmland center after a snowshoe or cross-country ski adventure on over 3,000 acres in the taconic mountains in southern vermont near the new york border. pg 156
  • eating delicious french country cuisine at tourterelle restaurant in new haven – worth a drive for an imaginative evening out. pg 448
  • exploring missisquoi national wildlife refuge in swanton. with over 200 birds known to live there, the wildlife viewing is exceptional as swamp areas start to freeze over. it’s also great for hiking or snowshoeing once the snow flies. pg 517
  • staying at the maple house inn in morrisville and swimming in their flamingo-inspired indoor pool with milky way ceiling and checking out their 45-seat galaxy of the stars home-theater — funky! pg 585

love vermont?  buy the book.

challenge: vermonters, keep a copy in your car and when you discover something new from the book – let us know.

salvage secrets - transforming reclaimed materials into design concepts
transforming reclaimed materials into design concepts
photographs by susan teare
ever wondered where people get the ideas to take something reclaimed (old/used) and make it into something new? you often hear of people who find an old board, antique lighting fixture or some old glass and work it into their design to create wonderful new living spaces. but how did they do it? where did they start? where did they get the ideas? not to mention we are also in a world of going green where reuse, reduce and recycle are becoming words to live by.
joanne has a great eye for finding that perfect reclaimed material or item and design creativity to turn anything into something new. add susan’s eye for capturing these beautiful design concepts in crisp, clean photos and you’ll wish you lived in a house full of “salvage secrets”. filled with ideas, images and resources that bring reclaimed materials to life, this book is the foundation you’ll need to do some ‘transforming’ and creative integration of old into new in your own home.
salvage secrets is not only a must for anyone thinking of building or renovating in any style, it would also look great on your coffee table and spark many an idea and inspiration for anyone who sees it.
and if you don’t believe us – take a look at these reviews (scroll a little – they’re worth reading!) and check out the salvage secrets blog.
oh and in case you were wondering – yes, both joanne and susan are vermonters!

seven days: your burlington survival guide

seven days. vermont’s independent voice.

hands down THE best newspaper in burlington for the arts, music, theatre, design as well as great articles about local people, businesses and issues.

whether or not you live in vermont or are just visiting, seven days is your survival guide.

best part is…it’s FREE!

it comes out once a week, grab your copy at many local shops and stores throughout burlington  and beyond. their website is also packed with info and you can sign up for one of their newsletters.

to get to know burlington, you need seven days. also look for their “What’s Good” off campus guide for students – this is just packed with great info, even for the veteran, older vermonter.

Don’t forget to grab their free restaurant guide 7 nights is the best restaurant guide for all of vermont.

read their story – it’s a story of perseverance competing with one of the biggest names in news and they made it….the vermont way!

oh..and…even the ads are great!