we all know some amazing big names that have come out of vermont – Burton Snowboards, Ben & Jerry’s, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters & Phish to name just a few. But there are lots more so we’re keeping our own list of innovative vermont companies to watch:

(we are still growing this list – know of a company you think should be listed? email us mooglevermont@gmail.com)

moogle's innovative companies

1% for the Planet

their mission: 1% for the Planet exists to build and support an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet.

There are currently about 1,300 companies that are members of this awesome business located waitsfield, vermont. look for that 1% logo on products you buy. Currently, there are only SIX Vermont companies listed in their member list (wish there were more – when we turn a profit, we’re joining!). Membership creates opportunities, allows a company to show they are invested in our environment and mean it! Not to mention that it just feels good to know you are doing your part!

they’ve been on nbc nightly news series “making a difference”, are the ‘largest funders of envirnmental work anwyhere’ and even have their own cd 1% for the planet . want to learn more? check out this video.

 moogle's innovative companies

allearth renewables

harnessing the power of the wind and the sun.

based in williston, vermont these guys make and install allsun trackers and earth turbines. yes, those are solar trackers and wind turbines respectively. learn more about how they are harnessing the power or wind and how it works here and more about the trackers here.

interested? make sure to learn more about their mission and vision.

this company is worth watching. ceo vermonter david blittersdorf made it onto business week’s list of 25 of america’s most promising social entrepreneurs of 2011.

as of end of february 2012 they had installed 1000 trackers.


plenty of vermont companies now have allsun trackers: middlebury college, small dog
electronics, concept2 and vermont youth conservation corps just to name a few.

moogle's innovative companies

Brighter Planet - Computational Sustainability

Brighter Planet

Brighter Planet powers the leading computational sustainability platform, using hard numbers and raw data to reveal actionable opportunities and deliver measurable results to businesses and individuals worldwide.” –  quoted from their website.

some of their successed include: recently (11/11) winning a national award from the EPAFinancial Times Social Innovation Award (2011), Small Business of the Year by Treehugger (2010) just to name a few.

moogle's innovative companies


No list of vermont innovative companies would be complete without dealer.com. based on pine street in burlington, this is one fast growing company with a culture that’s hands down one of the best around. their HQ is LEED certified, they’ve got a “state-of-the-art fitness facility, cross-fitness studio, in-house organic cafe with an on-site vegetable garden (yes, really) and even a 150-person theatre”. There’s even more – check it out on their website. Clearly, they care about their employees!

wait, we forgot to say what they do: “automotive marketing internet solutions”. yes, they help dealers have a competitive, effective online presence. such a brilliant idea. because let’s face it, a car dealers’  job is to sell cars. let someone else, i.e. dealer.com, worry about the website, online ads, leads, inventory marketing, SEO, performance analytics and social marketing.

you won’t believe the number of awards this company has. very impressive.

moogle's innovative companies

Industrial Services Inc.

bet you have never even heard of this vermont company.

located in hinesburg, they “provide water desalination consulting, design services and equipment for industrial, commercial and municipal applications worldwide.” take a look at their website to see more about the water desalination and how it works.

in 2011, industrial services, inc  won the 2011 small business exporter of the year award by the us small business administration.

their website is very low key – you can find a list of their projects here – one of which includes the atlantis resort in nassau.

next time you’re on a beach holiday out of freshwater vermont, maybe the freshwater at your holiday resort has been desalinated by industrial services, inc.

moogle's innovative companies

The Skinny Pancake

Their tag line “where good food comes full circle” says it all. This innovative company isn’t just about their restaurants & catering business. They are committed to social entrepreneurship and everything local (including music & culture) and it works. Sourcing an incredibly high percentage of their food from local farms & producers and offering community garden grants are just some of the ways. locations in burlington & montpelier and sister restaurant  in the new north (btv) end The Chubby Muffin.

great food + great atmosphere + great philosophy = great company.

(here is a great interview with Benjy Adler, co-owner of Skinny Pancake, and Govenor Shumlin about buying local. to learn more about the local resource guide and coupon book – click here)

moogle's innovative companies


Plug-ins with attitude“. These guys are all about the digital audio world. (If you need clarification on what digital audio means, perhaps a quick look at wikipedia will help). These guys are a high tech software company based right in burlington. take a look at their list of artists who use their products – it’s a pretty impressive list! This list is long, be prepared to scroll.

on their website they also mention that they are “truly fanatical about audio toys” and even have a toy collection that they say will be online for us all to see at some point. can’t wait to see them.

google soundtoys – their products are sold everywhere!

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