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meal train
support friends, strengthen communities

exactly as the name suggests, this website organizes meal trains – a train of meals made and delivered to friends and family who currently need help. think of your community, perhaps there is someone right now who:

  • had a baby
  • had surgery
  • has an illness

their energies are no longer focused on food shopping and cooking. so delivering meals is a great way to take away that burden and allows you to help this person/family during this time. it’s a win-win all the way around.

meal train is the most efficient and effective way to organize meal deliveries. it’s all about scheduling and organizing in one convenient place.

you can either start a meal train for yourself or for someone else. when you make a meal train you are creating:

  • an interactive, online meal calendar
  • invitations to share via email and Facebook
  • customized calendar dates, times, and meal preferences
  • reminder emails prior to scheduled mail delivery

everything – dates, who’s delivering, what’s cooking – is all in one place. they even have useful information on mail train etiquette. magazines such as real simple have highlighted meal train as a daily find problem solver.

you probably know someone right now who needs to have their meals delivered. make them a meal train and allow their friends and family to support them.

take a look at what meal train has done so far:

  • over 750,000 meals organized
  • over 80,000 families helped in the u.s. and beyond
  • over 2,500 meals organized most nights.

oh and by the way – meal train is free and yes, they’re located in vermont!

celebrating and supporting music, food, art & culture in burlington

artsriot calls itself the battery street jeans* of events calendars. they collect sweet jeans events and post the sweetest to their site. it’s the best of the btv culture scene all in one place. not only does it celebrate and support the people who bring us this amazing array of culture, it also educates and promotes awareness of what’s going on in burlington’s vibrant creative community.

find out what’s hot  from cool indie bands to gallery receptions, fundraisers and just plain old bashes – such as switchback’s 10th anniversary party or browse all upcoming events listed by date.

artsriot also has a monthly dinner club called Isole – the story of food, a food anthropology journey. next one will be a day of the dead theme. they’ve also just acquired a space down on pine street behind speeder and earl’s – so expect to see their own art gallery and artsriot events as soon as november.

of special note is that artsriot also has apprenticeship and internship programs which offer excellent opportunities to burlington’s creative youth. what a great investment!

whether you’re already in the arts scene or want to get into it – this is the place to be –

*p.s. if you don’t know about battery street jeans – it’s about time you do!


wherebear gets you there

have you seen that bear around burlington? wonder what it is?

where bear is a startup that helps you figure out what’s going on in burlington at any given time. basically, it’s a visual map on a timeline of what going on in burlington.

they focus on:

  • food – restaurants – the orange line
  • drinks – bars – the purple line
  • live music and other events – the blue line

all listed alphabetically for the time being – and as they grow look for more sorting options.

whether you live here or are just visiting – take a look and see what’s happening in burlington right now!

looking for a deli off the beaten path? something different?

then, this is the place for you.

i walked down a couple steps into the deli and was greeted by the owner, smiling away, making a sandwich for someone else. i watched, i listened, i looked at the board. there was a nice sitting area comfy couch, loads of cute little knick knacks and walls full of art. lots to take in.

vermont turkey vs. iranian turkey?

i guess i must look pretty boring because he suggested vermont turkey for me. don’t get me wrong, the sandwich was delicious – toasted with turkey, cheddar, lettuce and tomatoes – but maybe i need a little more spice in my life.

( note to self: override and order iranian turkey next time.)

let me explain the toasting – there is one two sided griddle-like machine and every sandwich goes through there with an alu sheet on the top and the bottom. the result is perfect – but it takes time to get that perfection.

oh – they only take cash. but get this: a young woman ordered her sandwich, had a drink and chocolate chip cookie in hand as she passed over her amex card to the cashier. ahh cash only. do you have an atm? no. should i go get some money and come back?

no, the owner replied. enjoy your lunch and THEN go get some money to pay.

now, how often does that happen in today’s world? almost never.

you’ll find the four corners of the earth deli on your left past conant metal and light as you head south out of burlington on pine street.

make sure you ask the owner about the painting on the wall of him and the pigs.