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the vermont sail freight project
farm to plate, powered by sail

Created by Erik Andrus, a farmer in Ferrisburgh, Vermont, The Vermont Sail Freight Project is a carbon neutral transport initiative connecting the farms and forests of Vermont with the lower Hudson Valley. Bringing our amazing made in Vermont products all the way to the big Apple on a boat? YES! How Vermont is that?

This boat  will bring that made in Vermont, natural freshness right down the river to the lucky consumers in New York City and all carbon neutral. What a great idea. Not new, just great to be going back to our roots.

And this sailing barge won’t be coming back to Vermont empty. It’ll be filled with goods. Yes, we do make a lot of what we need in Vermont except for maybe a handful of staples such as olive oil, chocolate, sugar and coffee, to name a few. Carbon neutral up the river they’ll come.

This is a win-win and one to watch.

And by the way, Erik’s a rice farmer and a lot more. Check out Vermont Rice, Boundbrook FarmGood Companion Bakery. No need to be putting any rice or bread on that sailing barge as it heads north again.

INLU for the Holidays - in lieu of excess, hassle and waste

INLU for the Holidays

Yes, we’ve already moogled INLU for parents. But did you know that there are so many other useful ways to use INLU?

Are you or anyone you know saving up/asking for that one bigger gift? Come on, we all have that special something on our list! Why not create an INLU? Let your friends and family know what you really want this holiday season and allow them to contribute to your dream gift. Hey, do you really need another set of wine charms? or does your child need another cheap plastic toy?

Make gift giving more meaningful and create an INLU. As they say,

“in lieu of excess, hassle and waste, pitch in for a happier planet” and YOU!

Create an INLU today – it’s not too late!

ursa major - super natural skin care for men

Ursa Major
Super natural skin care for men

Yes. Skin care for men. Their skin is different and should be treated differently than women’s skin. Exercising and eating right make the top of the list when caring for one’s body. But do men think about what they are putting on their body?

They should. The vast majority of products out there are made almost exclusively from water and synthetic chemicals, including some unhealthy ones. Learn more!

Ursa Major is a premium, natural and effective line of skin care products just for men. You won’t find any chemicals or fillers in these products, only:

  • premium natural ingredients (98.5-100%)
  • 50% organic ingredients (average across the line)
  • subtle aromas (whole blends of essential oils)
  • locally sourced ingredients from small sustainable farms (when possible)

Ursa Major products are better for your skin (and the environment). Look at all these testimonials from some pretty big magazines and retailers. And Ursa Major products are “made with passion, pride and purpose in the USofA”.

You can buy any of their products online or find a shop near you!

Get that guy in your life switched over to Ursa Major.

tata harper skincare
100% natural & non toxic beauty

have you ever wondered what’s really in that tube of lotion that you’re putting on your face? where does it come from? so much focus is put on what we are putting into our bodies, but what about what we’re putting onto our bodies?

tata harper makes 100% natural, non toxic premium skincare products from her 1,200 acre farm right here in vermont. not only does tata grow many of the ingredients herself, she also does everything from research, development and formulations to packaging, marketing and distribution right there on her farm. total control.

take a look at this list of ingredients which includes the source and function of each item. did you know that narcissus bulbs slow aging by improving elasticity and firmness? take a look – you’ll be surprised at the power of nature. tata harper skincare products are:

  • made with no harmful synthetics
  • toxin free
  • made from one of a kind formulas
  • results from natural actives
  • outstanding quality
  • eco friendly
  • handmade in vermont

so it’s not surprising that tata harper’s skincare has already made its way to hollywood. according to august’s vanity fair  both gwyneth paltrow and julianne moore use her products. and look at how much national recognition tata harper’s skincare has received, even on the today show. still not a believer? read these testimonials.

you can buy her products directly on her website or at these stores around the country.

read your labels. get active. spread the word and let tata harper lead you in the natural and non toxic skin care movement.


burlington farmers market - rain or shine - one of vermont's oldest & largest markets

burlington farmers market
year round. rain or shine.

held outside in burlington every saturday from mother’s day weekend through the last saturday on october, this is one farmers market you don’t want to miss. you’ll find it right in downtown burlington’s city hall park, right off the church street marketplace. during the off months you’ll find the winter farmers market  in burlington’s memorial auditorium.

you’ll find more than 60 stands will everything vermont from delicious foods, crafts, wares, flowers and lots of fun. It’s the best place to check out new vermont made goodies.

there is so much great stuff – we couldn’t give you our favorites because the list would be too long.

you’ll find products galore – it’s all there including:

baked goods
fresh veggies & fruits
jams & jellies
maple everything

plus all sorts of incredible artisan wares, prepared foods and entertainment. check out this video. and if you’re looking for a specific vendor you can check their vendor list.

put this on your calendar and plan on going every saturday, if you can.

it’s worth the trip!

oh – and don’t have cash handy? you can use a debit card at the market manager’s table.

buy local. buy vermont.

intervale center
strengthening community food systems since 1988

yes, you read that right – 1988! the intervale is way ahead of the sustainability curve. sitting on 350 acres along the winooski river, the intervale is a nationally recognized center for sustainable agriculture. it is more than a collection of farms – it is a center – promoting healthy land and water use as well as connecting people with their local food creating a community resource for burlington and beyond.

having been farmed for hundreds of years, the land is not only rich with history but also gives people today the opportunity to connect with and be engaged with it and all the land offers. today there are 11 independently-operated intervale farms. The intervale center’s relationship to the farms is as landlord and resource.

programs such as the ones below illustrate how the intervale strengthens vermont’s food system:

  • farms program – creating opportunities for new farmers
  • success on farms – providing business planning and technical assistance to farmers throughout the state of vermont 
  • intervale food hub – marketing and distributing local foods to 30 burlington-area workplaces
  • conservation nursery – growing native, locally sourced trees and shrubs for riparian restoration projects throughout vermont
  • abenaki heritage garden – growing traditional corn, beans and squashes
  • gleaning and food rescue – collecting and distributing surplus food via a subsidized food hub CSA share
  • consulting – sharing the innovative model with communities across the country and around the world

as it’s a community food system there are also plenty of ways for people to be involved:

they aren’t kidding when they call it “the one and only intervale” – it is and burlington is so lucky to have it.

if you get a chance, whether you are visiting vermont or live here – you should check it out. stop by the farmhouse, grab a map and explore.

the clothes exchange
vermont’s social enterprise dedicated to eco-friendly fashion
turning clothing into cash for community benefit

the clothes exchange collects “gently used apparel from the closets of well-dressed women” as well as donated new clothing from a variety of different stores, wholesalers, designers to create pop-up shops selling it all at bargain prices! it doesn’t end there – the proceeds then get donated to local non-profits. how great is that?

from donating clothing to buying it to donating the proceeds, the clothes exchange is an innovative social enterprise that promotes and supports recycling, our community, our planet and local non-profits.

originally started as a grass roots effort between friends swapping clothes and raising money for local non-profits, today, in it’s eleventh year, the clothes exchange offers all vermonters the opportunity to participate. you can:

the clothes exchange is such a win-win-feel-good organization that you wonder (a) why it hasn’t always existed and (b) why every state doesn’t have their own clothes exchange.

so far they have raised over $280,000 that has been donated to more than 10 organizations in chittenden county.

clean your closet for a cause and find where you can donate your clothes today!


maple landmark
educational wooden toys, games and gifts

in this high tech world we live in, there is really nothing better than good old fashioned wooden toys. from blocks, to cars and trucks to puzzles and rocking horses, maple landmark has it all – and they are made right here in vermont! how can you beat that?

check out the awards they’ve won so far, 41 at press time. that’s impressive!

their products are made locally (think green) and have a high level of product safety and quality. these toys and games are meant to last!

after you check out all their great products, you can find a store that sells their toys here. it shouldn’t be a problem because they sell to over 2200 gift shops and toy stores both nationally and internationally.

they’ve also had great press – which you can see here, including a piece on cnn.

everyone has a little someone in their life who should have one of these made in vermont toys!

salvage secrets - transforming reclaimed materials into design concepts
transforming reclaimed materials into design concepts
photographs by susan teare
ever wondered where people get the ideas to take something reclaimed (old/used) and make it into something new? you often hear of people who find an old board, antique lighting fixture or some old glass and work it into their design to create wonderful new living spaces. but how did they do it? where did they start? where did they get the ideas? not to mention we are also in a world of going green where reuse, reduce and recycle are becoming words to live by.
joanne has a great eye for finding that perfect reclaimed material or item and design creativity to turn anything into something new. add susan’s eye for capturing these beautiful design concepts in crisp, clean photos and you’ll wish you lived in a house full of “salvage secrets”. filled with ideas, images and resources that bring reclaimed materials to life, this book is the foundation you’ll need to do some ‘transforming’ and creative integration of old into new in your own home.
salvage secrets is not only a must for anyone thinking of building or renovating in any style, it would also look great on your coffee table and spark many an idea and inspiration for anyone who sees it.
and if you don’t believe us – take a look at these reviews (scroll a little – they’re worth reading!) and check out the salvage secrets blog.
oh and in case you were wondering – yes, both joanne and susan are vermonters!

truebody soap


with a mission of ‘delivering products that contribute to a healthy lifestyle while remaining affordable’, truebody is what vermont is all about. their body of values and true promise make you want to buy their soaps without even trying it  and once you’ve tried it – you’ll be hooked, the reviews are also great – people love this soap.

truebody’s owner, janice shade, not only makes soaps. while looking for creative ways to get more funding to introduce new products, shade came up with the concept of community supported enterprise (or cse). no, not a csa (community supported agriculture) but same idea pre-sell your product. innovative and brilliant!

to learn more about cse’s and truebody check out this article.

this is a company and a concept to watch closely – we think great things are coming.

click here to buy!