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alex & isabelle hair ties - vermont made

alex & isabelle hair ties
custom dyed elastic hair ties & headbands

best hair ties EVER! they’re awesome. plenty of colors, styles and they even have headbands too. not only do they look great in your hair – they also make great bracelets!

we love their story – alex & isabelle are kids, who as young girls with the help of their moms started this business in 2008. you can buy them direct on their website, at various stores around the country or even at birchbox (yes, that’s huge!).

once you go alex & isabelle, you’ll never go back.

p.s. we also love that a portion of their sales go to the Conner B. Turnbaugh Foundation.

yes, it’s true the summer mini basketball league was started right here in vermont by a couple of young guys. they play with a mini basketball with 8½-foot rims on a 30×60 foot court that is surrounded by hockey rink boards in the backyard of one of the founders. they even have their own logo!

don’t live in vermont? contact these guys and they will help you set up your own league.

we think this is pretty cool.

read more about the mini basketball league In the Burlington Free Press and follow them on facebook, twitter and youtube too.

they were even mentioned in an article ESPN’s mgazine in september 2011

Alec's amazing pretzels











the best flavoured pretzels you will ever have. started by alec when he was in 8th grade (yes, it’s true, you can read it for yourself).  only certain stores have them – check out his website for places you can find them.

They are worth driving out of the way for. And don’t think you will get away with buying just one bag…

oh and, they’ve even been on the rachel ray show.

vermont is a cool place with a lot of cool things

our hope is that we’ll give you a reason or two (or three) to come and visit sometime. or at least buy vermont if you can’t make it up our way.