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buy  local - local first vermont

Buy Local.
buy local vermont first.

not sure what to get someone for the holidays? this resource guide & coupon book  will cover anyone left on your list.

this project of vermont businesses for social responsibility is just packed with info and great deals from businesses around the state of vermont (addison, chittenden & washington counties).

here’s their list of 11 reasons (from the book) to support the vermont businesses included in the guide:

1.   keep money in vermont I
2.   embrace what makes us different
3.   get better service
4.   create and keep good jobs
5.   promote competition & diversity
6.   help preserve the environment
7.   support community groups
8.   put your taxes to good use
9  . keep money in vermont II
10. invest in the community
11. bank around town

note: to see explanations of each item listed above, buy the book!

the list of companies/coupons is just too long to post here – but there are coupons to some of our favorites: dakin farm, danforth pewter, vermont cookie love, city market, conant metal & light, healthy living, lake champlain chocolates, new moon, outdoor gear exchange, shelburne farms, small dog electronics, the flying pig, the skinny pancake, good news garage, old spokes home, the chubby muffin, onion river sports and the store to name just a few (ok, well, that was more than a few – but you get the idea).

for a full list of all companies click here (there have to be more than 500!!).

convinced? want to buy one? here’s the list of places where you can buy one, or two or….

this is a feel good gift all the way around – you can’t go wrong.

looking for a deli off the beaten path? something different?

then, this is the place for you.

i walked down a couple steps into the deli and was greeted by the owner, smiling away, making a sandwich for someone else. i watched, i listened, i looked at the board. there was a nice sitting area comfy couch, loads of cute little knick knacks and walls full of art. lots to take in.

vermont turkey vs. iranian turkey?

i guess i must look pretty boring because he suggested vermont turkey for me. don’t get me wrong, the sandwich was delicious – toasted with turkey, cheddar, lettuce and tomatoes – but maybe i need a little more spice in my life.

( note to self: override and order iranian turkey next time.)

let me explain the toasting – there is one two sided griddle-like machine and every sandwich goes through there with an alu sheet on the top and the bottom. the result is perfect – but it takes time to get that perfection.

oh – they only take cash. but get this: a young woman ordered her sandwich, had a drink and chocolate chip cookie in hand as she passed over her amex card to the cashier. ahh cash only. do you have an atm? no. should i go get some money and come back?

no, the owner replied. enjoy your lunch and THEN go get some money to pay.

now, how often does that happen in today’s world? almost never.

you’ll find the four corners of the earth deli on your left past conant metal and light as you head south out of burlington on pine street.

make sure you ask the owner about the painting on the wall of him and the pigs.