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Stave Puzzles - hand-crafting the world's finest wooden puzzles since 1974

Stave Puzzles
Hand-crafting the world’s finest wooden puzzles since 1974

So you think you’re good at puzzles? Have you tried a Stave? You just might not be as good as you think you are!

In our fast-paced-high-tech-plugged-in world, these puzzles are a welcome distraction. Made in Norwich, Vermont, Stave Puzzles are works of art that will challenge you in ways you didn’t think was possible from a puzzle. As each piece is hand cut (yes, hand cut), by one cutter with one saw, it’s so rewarding as two pieces slide perfectly together. Not to mention that even getting two pieces that fit is such satisfaction!

Stave Puzzles are not your ordinary puzzles either. Not only are they made from wood (they’ll last), you’ll find:

  • adjacent edges*
  • empty spaces
  • phony corners
  • no photograph to help you

Take a look at their Teaser, Trick and Troublemaker puzzles! No wonder Stave’s boss calls himself the Chief Tormentor!

Every home needs at least one Stave Puzzle.

* “adjacent edges are whammy edge pieces which are two abutting edge pieces that look like corner pieces held together by a third piece.”


maple landmark
educational wooden toys, games and gifts

in this high tech world we live in, there is really nothing better than good old fashioned wooden toys. from blocks, to cars and trucks to puzzles and rocking horses, maple landmark has it all – and they are made right here in vermont! how can you beat that?

check out the awards they’ve won so far, 41 at press time. that’s impressive!

their products are made locally (think green) and have a high level of product safety and quality. these toys and games are meant to last!

after you check out all their great products, you can find a store that sells their toys here. it shouldn’t be a problem because they sell to over 2200 gift shops and toy stores both nationally and internationally.

they’ve also had great press – which you can see here, including a piece on cnn.

everyone has a little someone in their life who should have one of these made in vermont toys!

dakin farm

dakin farm
“what vermont tastes like”®

it’s true. their logo is right – their products really do taste like vermont.

check out their cool story on youtube.

bacons, hams, sausages, turkey, ribs, smoked everything, maple anything, cheeses galore (including artisanal), jams, jellies, spreads, sauces, mixes, honeys, mustards etc – how can you go wrong? oh wait, don’t forget the fudge? all of it is just delicious.

they have 2 retail shops – their original one on rte 7 in ferrisburgh and one in south burlington. if you can swing it – it is well worth the trip to visit them. you can try almost everything – samplers all around the store. watch out, you’ll want to buy everything.

can’t visit a shop? no problem – you can order online and they ship anywhere in the u.s. and if you can’t decide what to get someone then order a gift card with a finger lickin good photo on it!.

follow dakin farm on facebook, twitter and (our favorite) youtube, where you can learn, for example, how they spiral a ham (bet you didn’t know how they do that!). 

we love dakin farm! bring some vermont into your kitchen today!