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big picture farm
a vermont goat dairy & farmstead confectionery

Based in Townsend, Big Picture Farm is the home to almost 30 Saanens, Alpines and floppy-eared Nubians. Yes, we’re talking goats and these lucky guys get to roam freely around the farm eating what’s in season. Imagine their diet:

Spring – wild chocolate mint, clover, honeysuckle and other wildflowers
Summer – legumes and beans
Fall – crisp oak leaves, apples and ferns
Winter – white pine and hemlock saplings

And of course some premium local hay.

This varied and flavorful diet translates into milk that is “exceptionally floral and creamy” that is used to make:

farmstead goat milk caramels
small batch cheeses

Louisa and Lucas, the owners of Big Picture Farm, don’t mess around – their product list may be short, but their press and  award list is long:

– 2013 Good Food Awards winner
– 2012 SOFI Award for Outstanding Confection
– 2012 USDA Value-Added Producer Grant
– 2011 Winner of the BDCC/Strolling of the Heifers/Farm Business Plan Competition

And Louisa and Lucas aren’t just farmers. They’re also artists. Learn more about them and their journey on their blog, “Farm Weather”.

With their charming logo, packaging and commitment to their mission, Big Picture Farm is a farm to celebrate and support.

They get the big picture.

vermont brownie company
the gourmet brownie that’s down to earth

think about it, when’s the last time you ate a brownie that was not made from a mix in a box? have you ever had a made-from-scratch brownie? if you had, you’d know. they are much better. and how about a made-from-scratch-with-local-vermont-ingredients? ever had a vermont brownie company brownie?

if not, it’s time. not only are their brownies made from local, wholesome, farm-fresh, all natural ingredients; they are original as well. check out this list of flavors:

try them on their own or with ice cream. and make sure to spread the vermont brownie company love with:

the testimonials are impressive. your mouth will be watering as you read. our favorite vermont brownie company moment in the news is their throwdown with bobby flay – it was their dark chocolate chèvre that got his attention – take a look – just awesome!

so what are you waiting for? buy a box of these homemade brownies today.

you deserve it.

daily chocolate

all handmade in vergennes, vermont these daily chocolates are unique and delicious. owned by chocolatier jen roberts and her husband judd markowski, these chocolates are:

  • made in small batches
  • hand cut & dipped
  • GMO free
  • made with local & organic ingredients when possible (monument farms & cabot creamery, just to name a couple)

besides having the basic chocolate bars (dark, milk and white), daily chocolate also creates these flavor combinations:

  • black rum caramels
  • cara -mallows (that would be marshmallow, caramel & dark chocolate)
  • caramel pretzels
  • cherry wine clusters
  • coconut clusters
  • coconut lime creams
  • delightful bars (coconut, almonds, dark chocolate)
  • english toffees
  • ginger orange clusters
  • macadamia nut caramels
  • peanut butter fingers
  • pecan turtles
  • peppermint patties
  • tangerine infused dark chocolate with sliced apricot

or maybe barks are your thing – check out this impressive list – one for every mood:

  • classic almond
  • fruity
  • hazelnut cherry
  • lemon lavender
  • midnight mocha
  • moroccan
  • mountain (toffee, almonds, coconut, cherries, dark chocolate)
  • mr. great (almonds, sea salt, milk chocolate)
  • pistachio green chili
  • toffee almond
  • village (milk chocolate with toasted hazelnuts, cinnamon and espresso)

 don’t you think you should be eating your daily chocolate?

start today.

wholesome cravings
you can have your craving and eat it to!

admit it. everyone has cravings.

so when you get that craving for something sweet look no further than these wholesome snacks packed with protein.

these protein bars, brownies and dry mixes are all handmade in vermont with the best ingredients and taste amazing – you’d never know they are actually good for you!

and they are all certified gluten-free*!

their flavors include (both bar and mix):
apple ginger
banana chocolate chip
caramel apple
decadent chocolate
pumpkin spice

you can order these wholesome cravings at these stores or if you are interested in a bulk order or even a private label? just contact them.

snack smart. snack strong.

* just to be clear – the protein snack cake mixes are certified gluten-free and are made in a certified gluten-free facility in vermont. and their protein bars are made without gluten but are not baked in a certified gluten-free facility.


burlington farmers market - rain or shine - one of vermont's oldest & largest markets

burlington farmers market
year round. rain or shine.

held outside in burlington every saturday from mother’s day weekend through the last saturday on october, this is one farmers market you don’t want to miss. you’ll find it right in downtown burlington’s city hall park, right off the church street marketplace. during the off months you’ll find the winter farmers market  in burlington’s memorial auditorium.

you’ll find more than 60 stands will everything vermont from delicious foods, crafts, wares, flowers and lots of fun. It’s the best place to check out new vermont made goodies.

there is so much great stuff – we couldn’t give you our favorites because the list would be too long.

you’ll find products galore – it’s all there including:

baked goods
fresh veggies & fruits
jams & jellies
maple everything

plus all sorts of incredible artisan wares, prepared foods and entertainment. check out this video. and if you’re looking for a specific vendor you can check their vendor list.

put this on your calendar and plan on going every saturday, if you can.

it’s worth the trip!

oh – and don’t have cash handy? you can use a debit card at the market manager’s table.

buy local. buy vermont.

douglas sweets
traditional shortbread and other scottish treats

ok, we know shortbread is scottish and we’re talking about shortbread made in vermont. this scottish shortbread is absolutely delicious and we think you won’t be buying the imported stuff anymore once you’ve tasted these sweets!

douglas sweets are made from an old family recipe with the finest vermont ingredients. they’ve got a wide variety of choices:

chocolate dipped biscuits

  • cappuccino
  • chocolate – dark, milk & white
  • coconut
  • creme dementhe
  • hot chile
  • lemon
  • orange spice
  • pistachio lavender
  • raspberry
  • vermont maple (of course)

traditional squares

  • sandwich filled chocolate dipped
  • scottish s’more
  • peanut butter
  • raspberry dark chocolate
  • raspberry white chocolate

they also give back. we love that they have created a line of scottish scones in memory of sam cohn and all profits go to sam’s foundation.

you can find douglas sweets at these stores  or better yet, order online today!

p.s. they’ll be at the burlington wine & food festival on june 23rd

red kite candy
handcrafted varieties of caramels, toffees and nougats*

when they say they are made in vermont, they aren’t kidding around. most of the ingredients that goes into this candy are also made in vermont – from the 100% organic milk & cream, to the award-winning maple syrup and honey, to the european-style cultured butter. yum!

they make milk and dark chocolate toffee as well as these caramels  – original, maple, chai, sea salt, pecan. and all can be bought directly on their site or at one of these many stores around new england and beyond.

wcax in burlington did a great story on red kite candy and you can see how it’s made!

here’s our favorite quote from their site that says it only about red kite candy as a company as well as vermont:

“we are part of a network of local farmers, artisans and craftspeople that care deeply about what we do.  The results show in the “no compromise” products we craft.”

they make great gifts – next time you’re having company or visiting a friend – grab some red kit candy!

coming soon: wedding favors.

* nougats will be back in the fall.

 tonewood maple cube

tonewood maple
maple tree adoption program and premium-branded line of maple products

do you love maple syrup? want to spread the maple love – then tonewood is for you. these maple products are “single-sourced unblended and free of additives.”

everything maple, creative, innovative and sustainable are the words that jump to mind when we think of tonewood maple. how can we not love this concept and their amazingly sleek packaging and design.

tonewood has teamed up with local sugar makers  in the mad river valley and when you adopt one of their maple trees you’re not only getting to enjoy the maple goodies from their trees but you’re supporting these producers, their future and the maple industry as a whole. this is a win-win for all.

tonewood is committed to preserving family owned sustainable maple farming.  unfortunately small producers are threatened by both environmental and economic factors.  climate change is disrupting the harvest season and reducing collection.  to protect future maple production, tonewood supports the proctor maple research center, a leader in maple research and education.

adopt a tree for yourself (hey, who wants to share maple syrup), your family or give adopt a tree as a gift – it’s a gift that keeps on giving. look at what your adoption benefits include, you get:

1. to learn about your tree
2. to learn about maple production
3. to support local sugar makers and their tradition
4. to support vermont’s maple industry
5. FOUR GRADE COLLECTION – 4 bottles of maple syrup of different grades
6. SWEET PAIRINGS shipment that includes a maple cube, eight wafers, two of their sweetest delicacies.

how can you beat that? and by the way – did you know you can buy all tonewood’s amazing products each on their own as well:

four grade collection
maple wafers
maple cream
maple cube
maple flakes
maple seasoning

do you know how good maple is for you? maple syrup is considered to be the next superfood!

laughing moon chocolates handmade and dipped in stowe vermont

laughing moon chocolates
handmade chocolates

these are some seriously good chocolates. handmade, hand-dipped, once you try one of these chocolates you’ll want to try them all. let them know which one is your favorite!

with an extensive product line from truffles to turtles, clusters to caramels and butter creams to bars there is something for everyone at any time:

butter creams
cheese truffles
chocolate caramel apples
cookies (chocolate covered, of course)
salted caramels
signature chocolate bars*

we love laughing moon, not only because their name makes us smile or because their chocolates are delicious but because they are socially responsible and doing their part to source everything local. as members of the vermont fresh network, they have an impressive list of local vermont products used in their chocolates. they have thought about their packaging – and have made most of it compostable including their clear cellophane bags. we love that.

laughing moon also has creative feel good chocolate options too! they market gift boxes and bars such as like water for chocolate and waterbury chocolate where part of the proceeds are going to great causes they believe in.

best part is that they are located right in stowe village and you can visit and watch their free chocolate dipping demo daily at 2pm and even join a workshop. Here’s a fun video on how they make candy canes. AND you can order all their chocolates online too.

*chocolate bar flavors include: dark, milk, white, chipotle cinnamon, espresso, dark with peppermint, dark with cardamom, dark with sea salt & black pepper, dark with wasabi and ginger and dark with hot smoked paprika.