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red kite candy
handcrafted varieties of caramels, toffees and nougats*

when they say they are made in vermont, they aren’t kidding around. most of the ingredients that goes into this candy are also made in vermont – from the 100% organic milk & cream, to the award-winning maple syrup and honey, to the european-style cultured butter. yum!

they make milk and dark chocolate toffee as well as these caramels  – original, maple, chai, sea salt, pecan. and all can be bought directly on their site or at one of these many stores around new england and beyond.

wcax in burlington did a great story on red kite candy and you can see how it’s made!

here’s our favorite quote from their site that says it only about red kite candy as a company as well as vermont:

“we are part of a network of local farmers, artisans and craftspeople that care deeply about what we do.  The results show in the “no compromise” products we craft.”

they make great gifts – next time you’re having company or visiting a friend – grab some red kit candy!

coming soon: wedding favors.

* nougats will be back in the fall.

 tonewood maple cube

tonewood maple
maple tree adoption program and premium-branded line of maple products

do you love maple syrup? want to spread the maple love – then tonewood is for you. these maple products are “single-sourced unblended and free of additives.”

everything maple, creative, innovative and sustainable are the words that jump to mind when we think of tonewood maple. how can we not love this concept and their amazingly sleek packaging and design.

tonewood has teamed up with local sugar makers  in the mad river valley and when you adopt one of their maple trees you’re not only getting to enjoy the maple goodies from their trees but you’re supporting these producers, their future and the maple industry as a whole. this is a win-win for all.

tonewood is committed to preserving family owned sustainable maple farming.  unfortunately small producers are threatened by both environmental and economic factors.  climate change is disrupting the harvest season and reducing collection.  to protect future maple production, tonewood supports the proctor maple research center, a leader in maple research and education.

adopt a tree for yourself (hey, who wants to share maple syrup), your family or give adopt a tree as a gift – it’s a gift that keeps on giving. look at what your adoption benefits include, you get:

1. to learn about your tree
2. to learn about maple production
3. to support local sugar makers and their tradition
4. to support vermont’s maple industry
5. FOUR GRADE COLLECTION – 4 bottles of maple syrup of different grades
6. SWEET PAIRINGS shipment that includes a maple cube, eight wafers, two of their sweetest delicacies.

how can you beat that? and by the way – did you know you can buy all tonewood’s amazing products each on their own as well:

four grade collection
maple wafers
maple cream
maple cube
maple flakes
maple seasoning

do you know how good maple is for you? maple syrup is considered to be the next superfood!

laughing moon chocolates handmade and dipped in stowe vermont

laughing moon chocolates
handmade chocolates

these are some seriously good chocolates. handmade, hand-dipped, once you try one of these chocolates you’ll want to try them all. let them know which one is your favorite!

with an extensive product line from truffles to turtles, clusters to caramels and butter creams to bars there is something for everyone at any time:

butter creams
cheese truffles
chocolate caramel apples
cookies (chocolate covered, of course)
salted caramels
signature chocolate bars*

we love laughing moon, not only because their name makes us smile or because their chocolates are delicious but because they are socially responsible and doing their part to source everything local. as members of the vermont fresh network, they have an impressive list of local vermont products used in their chocolates. they have thought about their packaging – and have made most of it compostable including their clear cellophane bags. we love that.

laughing moon also has creative feel good chocolate options too! they market gift boxes and bars such as like water for chocolate and waterbury chocolate where part of the proceeds are going to great causes they believe in.

best part is that they are located right in stowe village and you can visit and watch their free chocolate dipping demo daily at 2pm and even join a workshop. Here’s a fun video on how they make candy canes. AND you can order all their chocolates online too.

*chocolate bar flavors include: dark, milk, white, chipotle cinnamon, espresso, dark with peppermint, dark with cardamom, dark with sea salt & black pepper, dark with wasabi and ginger and dark with hot smoked paprika.

buy  local - local first vermont

Buy Local.
buy local vermont first.

not sure what to get someone for the holidays? this resource guide & coupon book  will cover anyone left on your list.

this project of vermont businesses for social responsibility is just packed with info and great deals from businesses around the state of vermont (addison, chittenden & washington counties).

here’s their list of 11 reasons (from the book) to support the vermont businesses included in the guide:

1.   keep money in vermont I
2.   embrace what makes us different
3.   get better service
4.   create and keep good jobs
5.   promote competition & diversity
6.   help preserve the environment
7.   support community groups
8.   put your taxes to good use
9  . keep money in vermont II
10. invest in the community
11. bank around town

note: to see explanations of each item listed above, buy the book!

the list of companies/coupons is just too long to post here – but there are coupons to some of our favorites: dakin farm, danforth pewter, vermont cookie love, city market, conant metal & light, healthy living, lake champlain chocolates, new moon, outdoor gear exchange, shelburne farms, small dog electronics, the flying pig, the skinny pancake, good news garage, old spokes home, the chubby muffin, onion river sports and the store to name just a few (ok, well, that was more than a few – but you get the idea).

for a full list of all companies click here (there have to be more than 500!!).

convinced? want to buy one? here’s the list of places where you can buy one, or two or….

this is a feel good gift all the way around – you can’t go wrong.

my little cupcake recently opened another retail store in burlington. meet all their flavors – pictured above are salted caramel, butterfingers, chocolate hearts vanilla, cookies and cream*, snickers and the usuals (chocolate, strawberry, vanilla just to name a few.

they have the cutest little logo for their cute little cupcakes that you take it home on a coffee mug.

If you’re heading to burlington – you’ll find them on the corner of south winooski and college streets and make sure to check out the wall painting done by newduds. (not so sure like the cute logo in windows? they are in cool old brick building – maybe a more stylized logo would be better?).

notice the finger holes in the box above? perfect fir for your fingers to take out a cupcake WITHOUT touching the cupcake. ohsoclever!

p.s. spot the pupcake?

*unanimous favorite