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inlu for parents
inviting common cents

parents – listen up! how many birthday parties have your organized? how many gifts did your child get when maybe what they really wanted was one special gift? what if you could send out invitations with a link for party goers to donate towards one gift or even a charity? sounds great right? well it exists and it’s called inlu.

how many coaches gifts have you collected for? carrying around an envelope asking parents as you see them to donate? same goes with teachers gifts? plenty, right? well, what if you could email out a link that would bring people to a page where they could donate online. ahh yes. so convenient.

what about donating to a charity instead of sending flowers? or collecting for a gift certificate for a spa day inlu (get it? “in lieu”) of flowers for a friend who needs a lift?

what if your child has a passion and wants to fundraise for a community cause? or even raise some funds to make a dream come true? and all they would have to do is create an inlu, email around the link and let people know why they are collecting.

with the holidays around the corner why not set up an inlu for:

  • a collection for that one gift your mother, father, child really wants!
  • a collection for a teachers gift
  • or even a holiday party invite and instead of having people bring gifts, ask them to donate to your favorite charity

think of all the possibilities you can use inlu to streamline your parties and gift giving.

yes. inlu. it does invite common cents, doesn’t it?

p.s. inlu isn’t just for parents, look for future posts on more ways to use inlu

vermont investors forum
bringing together new england’s entrepreneurial and investment communities

have an idea? the next big thing? a start-up? growth potential? looking for funding to transition you into the next phase? yes? well then the vermont investors forum could be for you. well, next year, that is – you’ll have about a year to prepare.

here’s how it works: companies apply, get selected and then pitch to qualified angel and institutional investors. it’s invitation only.

for companies to be selected, you must:

  • have growth potential
  • strong management team
  • have an exit plan
  • apply online by mid september
  • be interested in equity financing opportunities
  • be prepared to present an executive summary style pitch (nervous about this? no worries, you’ll get some coaching from the VIF steering committee)

perhaps you don’t have a product yet – but believe in your concept and growth potential – then consider applying for the innovators corner and give your 3 minute pitch.

take a look at the impressive list of VIF sponsors as well as the steering committee – if you need growth funding – this is for you!

if you know someone else who fits the bill – let them know about VIF! Or maybe you’re interested in the investment side of this forum and are accredited – take a look here to learn more about becoming involved.

“the next big thing” might just come out of vermont – and it could be your idea!

never say never.

the story of your kids, and the kids you love.

notabli is THE solution for every parent who has had grandiose intentions of documenting their child’s life. hey, isn’t that all parents? maybe you were going to keep a journal, a scrapbook or a blog but wait, what happened? life happened! months and months go by and you’ve done nothing or maybe only a little something. no scrapbook, no journal, no blog.

this is exactly why you need notabli! notabli is an iphone app and website that will allow you to document your child’s life experience, notable moments and memories all in one place. and as a bonus you’ll be able to privately share with others who you invite to keep up with your kids (such as grandparents, siblings, and close friends).

as they say on their website, these dads (all designers and developers themselves) are building notabli for:

  • busy parents
  • long distance relatives
  • moments & memories
  • their children
  • themselves

this new and intuitive way to “capture, share and remember” is now available!

download the app from itunes today!

vermont – an explorer’s guide
by christina tree and rachel carter

whether you are visiting vermont or are lucky enough to live here, vermont – an explorer’s guide is for you. you’ll find all sorts of tips from where to stay & eat and what to see & do to a great a to z guide of  “what’s where in vermont”.

yes, we know you can find everything online these days. but the reality is it would take you thousands of searches to just get all the websites and it wouldn’t be all neatly organized in one place. use the book to let you explore a new area of vermont or discover hidden treasures about a place you thought you knew so well! you never know.

how about:

  • bushwhacking in mount snow region aka traveling through the woods exploring forested and mountainous land. pg 103
  • checking out the sweet winter cabins at merck forest & farmland center after a snowshoe or cross-country ski adventure on over 3,000 acres in the taconic mountains in southern vermont near the new york border. pg 156
  • eating delicious french country cuisine at tourterelle restaurant in new haven – worth a drive for an imaginative evening out. pg 448
  • exploring missisquoi national wildlife refuge in swanton. with over 200 birds known to live there, the wildlife viewing is exceptional as swamp areas start to freeze over. it’s also great for hiking or snowshoeing once the snow flies. pg 517
  • staying at the maple house inn in morrisville and swimming in their flamingo-inspired indoor pool with milky way ceiling and checking out their 45-seat galaxy of the stars home-theater — funky! pg 585

love vermont?  buy the book.

challenge: vermonters, keep a copy in your car and when you discover something new from the book – let us know.

the cleverly compact child carrier

designed to carry a small child of 6 months to 3 years, a bitybean will not only change the way you carry your child but also lighten what you carry around when out and about! bitybean is a great solution for parents on the go.

it’s light weight and rolls up into a small bag that easily fits in any bag or purse. a bitybean gives you ultimate spontaneity allowing you to carry a child at a moments notice. no more lugging around that bulky backpack! it’s so cleverly designed – you can carry a child in the front or the back and it’s machine washable. check out these great features.

bitybean has just been named a semifinalist in the 2012 JPMA innovation awards at the all baby and child expo. we’ll let you know how they do!

if you have a young child in your life, you definitely need a bitybean.

want one? please support them on indiegogo and help them bring you a bitybean!

localvore today
save money. support vermont.

localvore today is new group buying website for vermonters. not only does localvore today feature the best vermont businesses and support the “buy local” initiative, they’re also located right here in vermont.

why localvore? let them explain. it’s worth reading.

you may already know how it all works, but just in case:

1. sign up & get an email every day* letting you know what’s on offer that day.
2. you want the offer? then place your order, sign in, create an account, enter your payment details & an email will be sent to you with your voucher details.

* weekly, bi-weekly, monthly and category exclusive options will be added.

bonus! “10 cents for 10 seconds”. for every subscriber, localvore today donates 10 cents to hunger free vermont. do you know these alarming vermont hunger facts?

localvore today is a win-win-win-win:

local customer
local merchant
local service
local community

sign up for localvore today today!

i am vermont strong
a year ago today, irene, a category 1 hurricane hit vermont. irene cost the united states more than $65 billion and killed 67 people.

here in vermont, irene was mean:

  • worst flooding since 1927
  • >500 miles of state road damage
  • >2,000 municipal road segments damage
  • 100’s bridges were damaged or even completely destroyed
  • >100,000 power outages
  • >1,000 displaced households
  • 6 deaths
  • $733+ million in damages

to see more specific numbers related to irene click here. and to get a better understanding of how many roads were damaged and the repair work, look at this list of road closures and reopenings by date or for a visual approach – look at these maps of road closures throughout vermont.

within hours, the outpouring of community support was not only visible in communities throughout the state but also on the internet, especially on facebook. if you needed help or wanted to help – facebook or sites like #vtresponse were the places to go! as days turned to months vermonters and vermont companies did their part for irene too, such as:

one year out, vermont is still repairing, rebuilding and raising funds. recovery continues. if you haven’t already, why not buy a license plate?

irene was awful as she ravaged through our state (photos) . she was costly, very costly, but she did manage to bring vermonters together in a way we hadn’t seen before.

vermonters are strong.

yes, we are vermont strong.


invisible underwear & legwear loved by celebrities, fashion editors and hip chicks everywhere!

you know what going commando means, right? well this amazing line of underwear, legwear & anything you wear under your clothes makes you feel like you are going commando! no lines.

and it’s not just their underwear. look at this clever line of “accessories”:

you’re going to have to click on each to find out exactly what they each are and appreciate the packaging – it’s just so clever.

not only can you find commando’s in the finest stores worldwide including bergdorf goodman, neiman marcus, nordstrom and saks fifth avenue but also locally at expressions, bertha church, ecco in burlington and mendy’s in shelburne.

look at how much amazing press  they’ve gotten (@90 magazines and still counting). shows such as the view, today, nate berkus and donny’s deutsch’s the big idea have also featured commando. yes, commando’s kerry o’brien had a better way!

and the best, commando is made in the usa and based in south burlington, vermont

so go on, go commando!

startup vermont
promoting entrepreneurship and high growth companies in vermont

working together with the startup america partnership, startup vermont is a group of vermont entrepreneurs, business and community leaders who are dedicated to helping young companies grow and create jobs.

by becoming a member, entrepreneurs will have access to resources and connections such as:

  • expertise in training, mentors, advisors
  • reduced cost services
  • recruiting & training talent
  • sources of capital
  • acquisiiton of new customers
  • expansion into new markets

anyone interested in entrepreneurship in vermont should consider joining.

thanks to all who attended the free startup event August 14th  !

july 4th in vermont

independence day. america’s beginning.

vermont has lots of fun ways to celebrate the 4th. check out some fireworks, parties & parades in these towns (date of fireworks in parenthesis – some are on the 3rd, some on the 4th and some on the closest saturday to the 4th):

brandon – (6th)

burlington– (3rd) see the fireworks on the waterfront of from the lake

burke – (6th)

hartford – (4th)

hinesburg – (4th)

jay – (4th)


manchester center – (4th)

montpelier – (3rd)

plymouth – celebrate the birth of calvin coolidge – yes, his birthday was on the 4th fireworks here (4th)

shelburne –  vso at shelburne farms (4th)

stowe – parade in moscow is vermont’s shortest parade (4th)

warren – definitely a crazy & wacky parade – a must see, at least once. find them on facebook  too. (4th) 

woodstock – (4th)

happy 4th!