live it. love it. buy it. visit.


made in vermont.

powerful words that bring a lot of different images and thoughts to one’s mind. there is no one word to describe vermont. there are hundreds.

our mission is to bring you cool things from vermont. it can be anything – it just must be vermont and cool.

vermont is much more than cows, mountains and maple trees.

in fact, it’s full of innovation, creativity and design – we just haven’t figured out a way to promote ourselves in a more contemporary way….not yet anyway.

we love vermont! (can you tell?).

and we hope you will too.

if you’re still reading, here’s some more info – we are still relatively new and building our website slowly. our goal is to bring you cool places, people and things from vermont. you will not see any ads flashing your way anytime soon – we don’t believe in bombarding you with ads that take away from the simplicity and content of our website.

keep checking back to see how we’re growing.

become a spotter:
if you spot something cool you think we should post, please email us at

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