here’s a sampling of some past vermont based crowdfunding:


Vermont Yak Company wants to bring you a mobile BBQ food cart that would sell grass fed burgers and locally grown sausage – for hungry people “on the go”. Yak meat has less fat and more than protein than beef – it’s been called “the greenest red meat on the planet”. Campaign ended: February 27, 2013


Check out this cool new toy made in Vermont! FLXIT is a back to basics, sculptural toy designed to inspire imagination and creative discover for all ages. So far, they are all handmade. Help FLXIT production become automated and bring this Vermont made toy nationwide! Campaign ended: December 21, 2012 FUNDED!

Tonewood Maple’s Pure Maple Products – Let’s Work to Save Maple Production

Tonewood Maple works hard to preserve our maple trees through it’s maple tree adoption program and sales of it’s single sourced unblended maple syrup and maple products. Help Tonewood make their kitchen project a reality so they can grow, continue to save pure maple production and support small scale farming. Campaign ended: December 16, 2012 FUNDED!

Liz Lovely Cookies ~ Baking a Difference 

Liz Lovely Cookies – All Natural, Vegan & Gluten Free Cookies handcrafted in the Green Mountains of Vermont want to expand! Hurricane Irene was devastating – check out the photo. Help Liz Lovely grow and bring their Lovely Cookies nationwide!. Campaign ended: December 14, 2012

A Lifetime of Vermont People

What a story!  This book is a “bold glimpse of the rural people who gave Vermont its character as documented over 60 years by the photographer-writer Peter Miller. Help Peter Miller make this book a reality and giving Vermont this beautiful record of it’s people. Campaign ended: December 13, 2012 FUNDED!

Archer Mayor’s Lost Case Files

The Emergent Media Center (EMC) at Champlain College wants to make an episodic adventure mystery game based on realistic police procedure in the gritty style of bestselling Vermont author Archer Mayor. Help this student driven project become a reality and put Vermont on the map as a center for gaming! Campaign ended: December 2nd, 2012

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