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bringing your races to the world

can’t get to a ski race but want to know who’s winning? At the race, on the hill, not near the scoreboard? live-timing will let you know everything about that racer coming down the course – in real time! Watch the clock, second by second, on your phone, in your office or at home.

Live-timing will let you know:

  • upcoming races & entries
  • who’s currently on course
  • racer’s bib number, team, class
  • who’s finished, dnf’d or dq’d
  • race results (unofficial) in real time
  • race status messages

Isn’t technology great? You can watch races all over the world as long the club or resort is using split-second software in real-time. Once you get used to the convenience and information live-timing gives you, you’ll wish every race hill in the world was hooked up!

And yes, Live-timing is based in Vermont.

tata harper skincare
100% natural & non toxic beauty

have you ever wondered what’s really in that tube of lotion that you’re putting on your face? where does it come from? so much focus is put on what we are putting into our bodies, but what about what we’re putting onto our bodies?

tata harper makes 100% natural, non toxic premium skincare products from her 1,200 acre farm right here in vermont. not only does tata grow many of the ingredients herself, she also does everything from research, development and formulations to packaging, marketing and distribution right there on her farm. total control.

take a look at this list of ingredients which includes the source and function of each item. did you know that narcissus bulbs slow aging by improving elasticity and firmness? take a look – you’ll be surprised at the power of nature. tata harper skincare products are:

  • made with no harmful synthetics
  • toxin free
  • made from one of a kind formulas
  • results from natural actives
  • outstanding quality
  • eco friendly
  • handmade in vermont

so it’s not surprising that tata harper’s skincare has already made its way to hollywood. according to august’s vanity fair  both gwyneth paltrow and julianne moore use her products. and look at how much national recognition tata harper’s skincare has received, even on the today show. still not a believer? read these testimonials.

you can buy her products directly on her website or at these stores around the country.

read your labels. get active. spread the word and let tata harper lead you in the natural and non toxic skin care movement.

invisible underwear & legwear loved by celebrities, fashion editors and hip chicks everywhere!

you know what going commando means, right? well this amazing line of underwear, legwear & anything you wear under your clothes makes you feel like you are going commando! no lines.

and it’s not just their underwear. look at this clever line of “accessories”:

you’re going to have to click on each to find out exactly what they each are and appreciate the packaging – it’s just so clever.

not only can you find commando’s in the finest stores worldwide including bergdorf goodman, neiman marcus, nordstrom and saks fifth avenue but also locally at expressions, bertha church, ecco in burlington and mendy’s in shelburne.

look at how much amazing press  they’ve gotten (@90 magazines and still counting). shows such as the view, today, nate berkus and donny’s deutsch’s the big idea have also featured commando. yes, commando’s kerry o’brien had a better way!

and the best, commando is made in the usa and based in south burlington, vermont

so go on, go commando!

Emily Post Institute
Etiquette + Encyclopedia = Etipedia®

Did you know that THE Emily Post Institute is right here in Burlington, Vermont?

Yes, it’s true – Emily Post’s family continues to promote etiquette and civility while calling Vermont home. Their website is full of great advice that has evolved as our culture has changed and is based on the core values of:

Honesty, respect and consideration.

When you have an etiquette question or manners dilemma, check out their website. From Wedding etiquette to everyday manners there is something for every aspect of life – including:

The Emily Post Institute also has a large book collection, columns in The New York Times, The Boston Globe, Good Housekeeping and Inside Weddings to name a few.

Of special note is that this is a family business! There are nine direct descendants of Emily Post involved with The Emily Post Institute.

When in doubt check Emily Post!

thanks to twitter, went to check out teeny tiny spice co. of vermont (shelburne, to be exact) tasting at healthy living in south burlington on friday.

they create 100% organic spice blends from different cuisines around the world.  so many incredible flavors – it was hard to pick just a couple to bring back home to try. settled on the two above and made the british curry last night. AMAZING! delicious and so easy to make thanks to clever packaging with a recipe on the top of the tin.

you can buy any of their products on their website or check out this list of stores – they are even in a store in alaska!

not only to these spice blends spice up your dinners, they are also great stocking stuffers or housegifts.