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pristine water from vermont’s maple trees

Do you know where your bottled water comes from? as in, exactly where? which state? what town? Probably not.

Well, now you can buy water and know exactly where it comes from – the organic maple trees on Branon’s West View Maples. Yes, you read correctly – water from maple trees. Here’s where is gets even cooler.

These maple trees are tapped for their sap to make maple syrup. In the process the sap, which is what is used to make maple syrup, gets separated from the tree water. Up until now, sugar makers have been discarding this water. What a brilliant idea? Save that tree water, sell it and give the maple syrup makers another source of revenue.

And don’t worry, the water has been through a couple filters and a reverse osmosis machine before getting bottled. RIght now there are three flavors:

  • Blueberry
  • Cranberry
  • Cucumber

At 10 calories and 5 grams of sugar a serving, this tree water is a great made in Vermont alternative to other bottled waters. Look for a new carbonated line called Vermont Tapped coming soon.

We think this is a win win win. A win for the maple sugar makers, a win for water drinkers and a win for Vermont.

Learn more about the Tretap story here  or, better get, buy a bottle at the stores listed here.

vermont spirits distilling company
handcrafted, ultra-premium award-winning vermont vodkas

this company makes vodka with two things vermont is well-known for: maple sap and milk! vermont spirits distilling co. currently has three products that turn the essence of vermont into a spirit:

all three are:

  • handcrafted
  • made with local vermont spring water
  • triple distilled
  • made in small batches
  • gluten-free

the list of mentions and praise ranges from martha stewart to the new york times. not sure how to drink it? they have plenty of recipes for you to try.

as they say on their website:
“our goal is to produce vodkas with flavor…not flavored vodkas, as we distill each batch with the spirits connoisseur and love of fine food in mind.”


burlington farmers market - rain or shine - one of vermont's oldest & largest markets

burlington farmers market
year round. rain or shine.

held outside in burlington every saturday from mother’s day weekend through the last saturday on october, this is one farmers market you don’t want to miss. you’ll find it right in downtown burlington’s city hall park, right off the church street marketplace. during the off months you’ll find the winter farmers market  in burlington’s memorial auditorium.

you’ll find more than 60 stands will everything vermont from delicious foods, crafts, wares, flowers and lots of fun. It’s the best place to check out new vermont made goodies.

there is so much great stuff – we couldn’t give you our favorites because the list would be too long.

you’ll find products galore – it’s all there including:

baked goods
fresh veggies & fruits
jams & jellies
maple everything

plus all sorts of incredible artisan wares, prepared foods and entertainment. check out this video. and if you’re looking for a specific vendor you can check their vendor list.

put this on your calendar and plan on going every saturday, if you can.

it’s worth the trip!

oh – and don’t have cash handy? you can use a debit card at the market manager’s table.

buy local. buy vermont.

 tonewood maple cube

tonewood maple
maple tree adoption program and premium-branded line of maple products

do you love maple syrup? want to spread the maple love – then tonewood is for you. these maple products are “single-sourced unblended and free of additives.”

everything maple, creative, innovative and sustainable are the words that jump to mind when we think of tonewood maple. how can we not love this concept and their amazingly sleek packaging and design.

tonewood has teamed up with local sugar makers  in the mad river valley and when you adopt one of their maple trees you’re not only getting to enjoy the maple goodies from their trees but you’re supporting these producers, their future and the maple industry as a whole. this is a win-win for all.

tonewood is committed to preserving family owned sustainable maple farming.  unfortunately small producers are threatened by both environmental and economic factors.  climate change is disrupting the harvest season and reducing collection.  to protect future maple production, tonewood supports the proctor maple research center, a leader in maple research and education.

adopt a tree for yourself (hey, who wants to share maple syrup), your family or give adopt a tree as a gift – it’s a gift that keeps on giving. look at what your adoption benefits include, you get:

1. to learn about your tree
2. to learn about maple production
3. to support local sugar makers and their tradition
4. to support vermont’s maple industry
5. FOUR GRADE COLLECTION – 4 bottles of maple syrup of different grades
6. SWEET PAIRINGS shipment that includes a maple cube, eight wafers, two of their sweetest delicacies.

how can you beat that? and by the way – did you know you can buy all tonewood’s amazing products each on their own as well:

four grade collection
maple wafers
maple cream
maple cube
maple flakes
maple seasoning

do you know how good maple is for you? maple syrup is considered to be the next superfood!

dakin farm

dakin farm
“what vermont tastes like”®

it’s true. their logo is right – their products really do taste like vermont.

check out their cool story on youtube.

bacons, hams, sausages, turkey, ribs, smoked everything, maple anything, cheeses galore (including artisanal), jams, jellies, spreads, sauces, mixes, honeys, mustards etc – how can you go wrong? oh wait, don’t forget the fudge? all of it is just delicious.

they have 2 retail shops – their original one on rte 7 in ferrisburgh and one in south burlington. if you can swing it – it is well worth the trip to visit them. you can try almost everything – samplers all around the store. watch out, you’ll want to buy everything.

can’t visit a shop? no problem – you can order online and they ship anywhere in the u.s. and if you can’t decide what to get someone then order a gift card with a finger lickin good photo on it!.

follow dakin farm on facebook, twitter and (our favorite) youtube, where you can learn, for example, how they spiral a ham (bet you didn’t know how they do that!). 

we love dakin farm! bring some vermont into your kitchen today!

Fat Toad Farm

fat toad farm.

“a family-run goat dairy in central vermont.”

love their name. love the toad. love their cheeses.

our favorite is the maple chevre. delicious. how much more vermont can you get? vermont goats living and breathing vermont air. add some vermont maple syrup et volia..deliciousness.

they have some amazing other products as well (goat’s milk carmel? yum!). can’t find them at your local store? check out this list AND (according to their site) you can even buy them at Williams & Sonoma (ok, how cool is that? fat toad farm is nationwide!).

p.s. they even got a mention on the today show summer 2011!

vermont is a cool place with a lot of cool things

our hope is that we’ll give you a reason or two (or three) to come and visit sometime. or at least buy vermont if you can’t make it up our way.