vermont peanut butter

vermont peanut butter "we're nuts about nutrition"

vermont peanut butter.

we’re nuts for nutrition

this is NOT  the peanut butter you ate growing up. in fact, it’s nothing like it. vermont peanut butter will change how you eat peanut butter and how much you eat.  the first couple words that come to mind as you have a spoonful in your mouth are usually “amazing” and “delicious”. the pairing of flavors is clever, perfect and natural. of course peanut butter should be mixed with cherries and dark chocolate.

they have the basics (creamy and chunky) as well as these unique flavors:

  • almond butter (proprietary almonds)
  • avalanche (with white chocolate)
  • banana nut crunch (because don’t you always put peanut butter on your bananas anyway?)
  • BEE nut butter (pure vt raw honey and peanut butter – really, it doesn’t get any better!)
  • champlain cherry (with cherries and high cocoa 67% dark chocolate)
  • green mountain goodness (almond and peanut butter PLUS organic flax seeds loaded with omega 3, and juicy organic pumpkin seeds)
  • good karma (with dark chocolate)
  • mad river mojo (almond and peanut butter plus nuts, chocolate and cranberries)
  • maple walnut (yes, pure vermont maple syrup and walnuts)
  • stowe cinnamon raisin (do you know how good cinnamon is for you?)

not only are the flavors amazing but vermont peanut butter (VTPB) has a three part mission which includes maintaining high quality, using local products, no bad oils, gmo’s as well as being socially responsible and to create “fun and deliciousness”.

we love this peanut butter and the company itself. VTPB is what vermont is all about.

you can buy their peanut butter throughout stores in new england and even as far away as nyc and canada. check here for a listing of stores.

or call them 1-877 UGO-NUTS (clever!)

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